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The UK's first - 
Veteran Fire and Rescue Service ID card

Raising money in support of PTSD 999, REACT & Sussex Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service. Thank you for your service.

When an Firefighter hands in their ID Card after Service, they can lose their identity.  This loss of identity can affect their mental health.

The benefit the retired Veteran firefighter will get by having an ID card will be credibility, donations to three amazing organisations, a thank you for their service token and also recognition of their service when their background as a Veteran Firefighter  is relevant.  This is not an Official ID card and not to be used as proof of identity.

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All submitted ID, proof of service/pension & proof of rank will be checked prior to your ID being issued.

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Recognition and Appreciation

  - The ID card serves as official recognition of the individual's service as a firefighter.

   - It symbolizes the retiree's dedication and contributions to public safety, garnering respect from colleagues and the community.

Access to Services and Resources

 Some fire departments or veteran organizations provide specific services and resources exclusively for retired firefighters.

   - Access to counseling services, support groups, and other resources aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by retired firefighters.

Community Outreach

   - Retired firefighters with an ID card may be invited to participate in community events, parades, or other public functions to represent the fire service.
   - Involvement in community activities can help maintain a sense of connection and purpose after retirement.


   - Various businesses and organizations may offer discounts or special benefits to veterans, and having a Veteran Fire and Rescue Service ID card can be used to avail these discounts.
   - This could include discounts on goods, services, travel, or entertainment.

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Veteran Fire & Rescue Service ID Cards for retired firefighters play a crucial role in honouring their service, maintaining community connections, and facilitating a smooth transition into retirement.
By recognising the value of these cards, we not only express gratitude for the sacrifices made but also create a supportive environment that fosters continued engagement and contribution from these seasoned professionals within our communities.
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