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Critical Communication


Secapp is built to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All this is in a platform where the data remains secure and owned by the customer. Secapp doesn’t require any additional equipment from the sender or receiver(s).

Ultimately, Secapp can help to save lives and manage critical operations in times of crisis.


OneClick – mobile alert buttons and
personnel safety

Ensure your personal and premises safety with mobile panic buttons and lone work switch


  • No matter if there is a small group of first responders or the whole organization.

  • Dispatch and respond to alerts with one click in seconds.

  • Can be integrated into external warning systems.


Alert and personnel paging templates help you to react faster in daily work and unexpected situations.


  • Get individuals or teams to respond to urgent tasks or to fill in a work shift.

  • Target based on groups, skills, availability, or location information.

  • Can bypass silence settings and they demand instant response.

  • Broadcast messages and instructions.

Secapp’s functions and features are based on modern communication technologies that allow different communication, alerting and management measures to be handled from a single platform. It gives you tools for professional daily communications and preparing, managing, and recovering from unexpected situations. 


Secapp’s design has been based on easy integration with the organization’s existing systems and physical buttons.

Automatically send an alert from another system to the desired target group using Secapp
Synchronize user, group, or competency information through the API or Azure AD interface
Send an alert from Secapp to another system
For example, share acknowledgment and location information and reports as return information.

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