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Proudly supported and now accepted by Blue Light Card as a valid form of identification.

The UK's first - Retired Police Officer ID Card

Raising money in support of COPS, PTSD 999 and Trojan Wellbeing. Thank you for your service.

When an Officer hands in their Warrant Card after Service, they can lose their identity.  This loss of identity can affect their mental health.

The benefit the retired Police Officer will get by having an ID card will be credibility, donations to three amazing organisations, a thank you for their service token and also recognition of their service when their background as a retired Police Officer is relevant.  This is not an Official ID card and not to be used as proof of identity.

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All submitted ID and proof of pension will be checked prior to your ID being issued.


Recognition and Appreciation

Retired police officers carry a wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge gained during their years of service. Retired Police Officer ID Card serves as a tangible token of appreciation for their dedication to maintaining law and order. It symbolises the community's recognition of their sacrifices and acknowledges the invaluable contribution they have made to public safety.

Networking Opportunities

Retired police officers often desire to stay connected with their colleagues and the law enforcement community. Retired Police Officer ID Cards can provide them with exclusive networking opportunities, allowing them to stay informed about industry developments, share experiences, and mentor younger officers. Such connections foster a sense of camaraderie and enable the transfer of invaluable knowledge from seasoned veterans to the next generation.

Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, having a recognisable Retired Police Officer ID Card can prove beneficial. Retired officers may be more readily accepted as trusted individuals during crises, facilitating their involvement in community response efforts. Their experience and expertise can be mobilized effectively in situations where additional support and guidance are needed.

Community Outreach

Retired police officers often remain committed to community service even after retirement. Retired Police Officer ID Cards can be a valuable tool for engaging in community outreach programs, school presentations, and local events. Recognising retired officers as ambassadors for public safety reinforces the positive relationship between law enforcement and the community.

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Retired Police Officer ID Cards for retired police officers play a crucial role in honouring their service, maintaining community connections, and facilitating a smooth transition into retirement.
By recognising the value of these cards, we not only express gratitude for the sacrifices made but also create a supportive environment that fosters continued engagement and contribution from these seasoned professionals within our communities.
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