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E-Band Restrictor

The E-Band Restrictor is a magnetically operated, remotely controlled CD3 that uses the same technology as our flagship product the G.L.O.V.E. E-Bands come in two models and are effective for transporting those just brought into custody, prisoner transport, court room proceedings and medical visits or hospital stays. E-Bands bring suspects/inmates into compliance when committing acts of violence or attempting escape. Each device comes with 2 magnetic keys and 2 remote controls that have a range of over 300 yards. 

E-Band Specifications Colour: Black  Material: calf or goat skin, neoprene and polyester fibre Two models to choose from: Arm or Leg Charge time: 4 hours Stand-by time: 24 hours Continuous working time: 2 hours Snap-type locking mechanism Magnetically operated Remotely controlled (300 meters) 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Maximum Voltage: 210-320V (cannot go above 380V) Maximum Current: 0.9-1.5A Pulse Duration (μS): 105-115 (.000115 second) Pulse Charge (μC) 84-125 (.000125 Amp-Second) Pulse repetition rate (pps): 29.7 - 30.8 Duty Cycle (%): 0.32 - 0.35 Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°c to 50°c)

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